Top Medical courses after 12th in 2021-2022: Entrance Exam, Admission Procedure

Top Medical courses after 12th in 2021-2022: Entrance Exam, Admission Procedure

Top Medical courses after 12th in 2021-2022 : In this era and the present pandemic, there is a surging need of good doctors and medical practitioners. Therefore medical has become the most opted as well as the most in search courses in the country and abroad. Briefly explaining the condition in India, the healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing industries. Rapid progress in this field becomes a source of lucrative and promising employment opportunities.

Students after pursuing medical studies in India can get better job opportunities and earn better salaries. As job opportunities in the medical field are high, candidates should be aware of the top 10 medical courses across the country. Medical courses are offered in a variety of disciplines including medical science, biomedical or paramedical sciences, pharmacy, nursing, Allied health, health, etc. nation. Candidates can go through the complete article to get complete information about the top medical colleges across the country.

Students after pursuing medical studies in India not only benefit financially but the status and reputation of doctors is also very high. The world views a doctor after completing his medical studies as a god, especially in any catastrophic situation. There are many doctoral courses that a person can choose for his future career. Apart from this candidates can go through the article below to learn about the top 10 medical courses in India, one can choose from

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Look at the List of Top 10 medical courses in India 2022

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MBBS or The Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) is one of the top medical degrees. Almost every candidate who thinks about doctoral studies, their first choice is to choose MBBS as a doctorate. It is a combination of two degrees of medical and surgical expertise offered by the government and private colleges in the country. This is a 5.5 year course for basic, pre and Paramedical courses. Within five and a half years, students must complete the required 12 months of training or simply internship, which includes hospital service. Entrance Exam: NEET

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)

BDS is one of the most popular medical courses in India. The duration of the BDS course is 5 years which includes a year-long rotatory internship. During the BDS course, candidates gain theoretical knowledge and practical dental surgery training. Like MBBS, to pursue BDS course candidates must have attained a minimum of 17 years of age and should have completed their class 12 with three core science subjects. Admission to the BDS course is granted on the basis of the NEET score. Only candidates who qualify in the NEET-UG exam bypassing the minimum cutoff are eligible to get admission to BDS in any dental college.
Entrance Exam: NEET

MS or Master of Surgery

MS (Master of Surgery) is a postgraduate degree and it is compulsory for students to complete their MBBS degree before proceeding with their MS degree studies. The Master of Surgery is a three-year post-graduate medical course designed for aspiring practitioners to gain in-depth knowledge and skills in surgical training. Applicants pursuing MS degrees will surpass advanced health care information and the development of scientific causes and fields of treatment through extensive research and training.
Top entrance exam: NEET PG

MD or Doctor of Medicine

MD (Doctor of Medicine) postgraduate degree, those who wish to pursue an MBBS degree can choose this degree. To excel in these fields of medical experts highly recommend candidates to opt for a Doctor of Medicine or MD degree for specialization in post graduation. These specialties include Radiotherapy, Anatomy and General Medicine. The time period and duration of MD is three years.
Top entrance exam: NEET PG

BAMS or Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery

BAMS is an appropriate medical course focused on studying Ayurvedic medicine. The students are awarded a graduate degree after successfully completing 5 and a half years of study including one year of training. A BAMS graduate is permitted to offer treatment in other Indian provinces after registering with a government-approved licensing authority. The BAMS course provides comprehensive information on ‘Ashtanga Ayurveda’ as well as scientific advances in modern medicine and in-depth practical training.
Entrance exam: NEET

BHMS or Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery

BHMS is an undergraduate degree in Homeopathy in India and is offered after research for a period of 5 and a half years which includes one year internship. Candidates who choose BHMS as their medical course can get information about Homeopathy medicine and treatments. Candidates can choose specialized technologies such as Homeopathic Pharmacy, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Skin specialist among others to treat patients with Homeopathic information.
Entrance exam: NEET

BPT or Bachelor of Physiotherapy

A Bachelor of Physiotherapy or BPT is a undergraduate degree program based on body composition of humans. The Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) is a 4-year course for student qualifications and a mandatory six-month internship program required to work as a qualified physiotherapist. Physiotherapy is a branch of medical science that specializes in studying body movements and working to prevent any type of disability. The Physiotherapy field is very challenging and energetic, as the same exercise or massage does not work for all patients, all should be treated differently. Therefore, a pathologist should perform his or her treatment with complete calmness.
Entrance exam: Respective institutes entrance exam

B.VSc or Bachelor of Veterinary Science

The B.VSc is an undergraduate course that provides education and practical experience in assisting or working as a veterinarian in a laboratory. The duration of the BVSc study period is 5 years. Veterinary is a branch of medical science that specializes in the prevention, testing and prevention of disease, trauma and injury to animals. A veterinarian after completing a B.VSc course called a veterinarian or veterinarian.
Entrance exam: NEET

BUMS or Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery

The Unani Medicine and Surgery, BUMS is an undergraduate degree program. The BUMS degree is a 5.5 year course consisting of 4.5 years of academic session and one year of training and internship. This undergraduate program can be followed with a basic education. The Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) regulates the education and training of BUMS in India.

Entrance exam: NEET

BSMS or Bachelor of Siddha Medicine and Surgery

Bachelor of Siddha Medicine and Surgery is an undergraduate program in the Siddha System of Medicine. The BSMS course duration is 5.5 years which includes one year training. BSMS is the oldest among AYUSH programs (Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy). The Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) was in charge of BSMS education under the AYUSH department.

Entrance exam: NEET

BNYS or Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yoga

Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yoga is a 4.5-year undergraduate degree program. Opponents must complete one year of Compulsory rotatory residential internship in order to be successfully graduate. The aspirants used to study the field of integrated medicine, which included the study of naturopathic medicine and modern science. Students who qualify for 12th grade and science as compulsory subjects may apply for this course.

Entrance exam: NEET