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We, at are committed to assuring you of the protection of personal / user information and of providing relevant information. We are committed to respect your online privacy and recognizing your need for the proper protection and management of any kind of “Personal Information " you share with us. If we ask you to provide certain personal information about your use of our website, mobile number, etc then you can be assured that the information would be used according to our privacy statement. By using the Platforms, you demonstrate that you understand and agree to this Privacy Policy. This Policy is under the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of our Policies.

The Personal Information that we ask for and hold
As a visitor, you can browse our platforms to view content on various tests, details of colleges, universities, service providers, courses, programs, counseling etc. and other information available on the Platforms. You do not need to provide any personal data as a guest. However, many of our services require you to register at When you sign up, we will ask for your personal information and educational interests to create your account. Registration
We ask for some basic information for the registration process so as to register the candidate and this information includes :

We send notifications to the users through email or send SMS to the contact number for any privacy policy violations, recently added user-related information (s) and questions related to our services.
The user can choose to "not send me a notification" or "not send me an SMS" by changing the notification settings in his or her email account.
We assure you that we will not abuse or sell users data and information. We use this information to:
Customize information on our platforms based on your profile and interests
Recommend a 'better college' with the help information provided by you
Processing your applications to our Colleges and Universities who need information to assess your eligibility for admission
Send you updates about exams, schools / colleges / universities / service providers, courses, programs, events and other information you may be interested in Make the contact we send you about our products and services based on your profile
Allows you to participate in surveys, reviews, promotional offers or functional features of our products / services when you choose to do so.
Respond appropriately to any questions or comments you submit to use on our platforms or otherwise.
Internal record keeping
Improving the products, services and services offered by us

Use of Information by
Our mission is to provide satisfaction, honesty and services to you as a myedworld student. If necessary, we may use the information we collect such as your account details, IP address, email, your questions and other login activities on our website to assist you. With this information we know the needs of the reader and can provide him with the best website design, navigation, services or alerts by post or SMS or newspaper from time to time. User (s) may choose to accept or reject the notification of the mail or SMS services directly to stop setting up their account for “not sending me a notification” or “not sending me an SMS” by changing the notification settings in their email account.

Use of Cookies/Tracking technologies
We, at, use cookies and other tracking technologies to manage session sessions on our website and to monitor user or visitor account details and other activities. Let users know that "Cookies" is a small text file. Cookies / tracking technology allow you to store personal information such as your name, your account (not your password), your feedback, your data posted on our website and your IP address. We only temporarily capture the details of your activities on our session management website. We do not have cookies to save your password or provide this information to any third party. When you click on an ad displayed on our website or page, our privacy policy does not cover any cookie activity in those cases. We do not handle or host any kind of ads and are not responsible for any declaration or cookie information used by the ad body. You can set your browser to reject or accept cookies. If you set and use whatever your choices and preferences are, you can still use our website.

We, at, contain or may contain link to other websites. We, at, are not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of other websites or ads (ads).

We encourage user(s) and visitors to carefully read the privacy policies of the other owner’s websites before using another websites. Our privacy policy applies only to our website and the activities performed by users (users) on our website. Not applicable to advertisements or other web sites (s). Newspaper
Newsletter will be marked to users (s) or to a registered account from time to time via e-mail. When we make changes to our policy and our services or our facilities and services of a website or in the website, we notify it to our users (s) from time to time via e-mail. We may collect your information such as e-mail ID, IP address, browser type and information sent to help you.
The user (s) can choose to accept / register or refuse / unsubscribe the newsletter(s) by the setting option of their account.

To use Platforms, you agree that you must be at least 18 years of age. If you are under 18 years of age or most active in your area, whichever is higher, you should use and / or its platforms under the supervision of your parent, legal guardian or responsible adult. In any case that you are a resident of the European Union, the minimum age for these purposes will be 16 years, but if local laws require you to be older in order for to lawfully provide you with the services on the Site, then that age will apply as the minimum applicable age. We collect personal information from children under 13. If we find out that we have personal information of a child under the age of 13, we will remove that information from our systems. By using our Platforms, you are confirming that you are at least 18 years old by default or that you are at least 13 years old and have your parent's permission to use the platforms or any other services provided by us.

Advertising on our website may be delivered to users by or advertising partners. Cookies may be set by advertising partners to identify your account when they send you the advertisement. Cookies set by the ad owner or partners (s) will allow the server to recognize personal and browser information sent by you to check which click on information, your computer is using and your location in particular. will not monitor the use of cookies by other advertiser(s).

The security of personal information of member(s) accounts is very important to us. We strive to protect your account information against unauthorized access and illegal access. We restrict access to other job services and technical staff in a member’s account. We use a method to protect user information stored in our database. There is no way to offer a 100% security guarantee online or in electronic storage. While we offer maximum protection for information protection we do not guarantee the misuse / misuse of your account information or personal information. It is a hardware and software solution and does not guarantee that your information will remain yours.
For any help please email us at

Changes to this Privacy Policy
We, at reserve all rights to renew, modify, update and amend the privacy policy without any prior notice. If we need to do it we can do it at any time with full authority. All updates regarding privacy policy violations can be viewed on this page. Our viewer(s) and users (users) need to view this policy more frequently at time to time. All changes will take effect automatically from the date of update. We have a vision to provide better service on a daily basis and in this regard we need to create some new ways for your better end. Every single update will be sent to users (s) by notification.

Cancellation and Refund Policy
The amount paid for the goods purchased will not be refunded or adjusted under any circumstances. However, if you purchase the goods / services under the 'money back guarantee' facility, the amount will be refunded in case you do not meet the minimum guaranteed promise, provided you meet the terms and conditions of the offer provided by us. Our customer service team will be available to deal with any product-related concerns and services provided by us. For more information, please email us at or get customer care on ---------------------------

We, at, will not be liable for any damages (loss) or loss due to any reason of disclosure (anonymity or otherwise) of member account / details or other personal information / related information. In case of use of credit card / credit card, we do not store personal data for further use. Once the transaction has been completed, we move all data off-line so that no one can use this data and your valuable information does not fall into the wrong hands. We guarantee high security but not 100%.

We are eager to help you you can freely contact us. You are welcome for your suggestions and queries anytime regarding the services and the privacy policy. You can free to send your queries on the e-mail